Environmental Commitment

Fuze is strongly committed to protecting our natural environment. All Fuze toys are designed and crafted in North America using only the finest, ethically sourced materials.

Fuze has always been dedicated to preserving a natural ecological balance. Helping the environment in the long term is so much more important than a mere short term profit. Ever since the very first Fuze toy was created a significant portion of every single sale has been directed into our Environmental Stewardship scheme.

The good news is that over the decades our actions have made an important difference to the area of natural wetland we protect. The Great Horned Owl has returned for the first time in many years. The populations of porcupine, white tailed deer and other large animals are stronger than ever. Even the painted turtles and frogs in the swamp are much happier than when our project began.

Each Spring we personally plant a wide variety of native trees, fruits and berries, everything from long living maple trees to small, quick growing bushes. Soil erosion is reduced and there is more food and shelter available for animals. Wildlife corridors are created to help the free flowing movement of larger animals. The habitat expands and is renewed so all wildlife is allowed to flourish.
Nothing is more important than fresh, clean water. Fuze collects and conserves water, so we are already completely neutral for water usage.

We have greatly reduced our carbon footprint by converting to sustainable and renewable forms of energy. We have moved away from a reliance on fossil fuels and are well on the way towards carbon neutrality. The ultimate goal is to feed clean power into the electricity system to help offset other people’s energy use.

The smallest detail is important and we are constantly developing ways of working to reduce waste. Looking back at the successes of the last few decades, the possibilities of the next few decades are endless. We preserve the natural world for tomorrow whilst enjoying working with it today.

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